Stumble Guys Wiki

Stumble Guys is a multi-platform knockout electronic game inspired by the elimination-style mobile game Fall Guys. Developed by Scopely, Stumble Guys was released in 24 September 2020 to the Play Store, 16 February 2021 to the App Store, and 7 October 2021 to Blue Stacks. The game is available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, and the website is the official site that delivers game update news to players with accounts.


Within Stumble Guys, the player tries to complete objectives and eliminate other competitors in three rounds. If the player survives all three rounds in the game, they win a crown. If a player loses, the better they perform in a game the greater rewards they earn after they leave the round's server. The game has no plot and very little lore or story development exterior to that stated by Scopely and other partners themselves.

Currency and Shop[]

In Stumble Guys, there are two main currencies: Gems and Stumble Tokens. Both are used for purchasing wheels in the Shop but Stumble Tokens are only for the Epic or Better wheel. Gems and Stumble Tokens can be obtained through the Lucky Wheel, Events, Tournaments and the Stumble Pass.

In the Shop, you can purchase in-game items through Gems, Stumble Tokens and real money. There are 4 standard wheels: the Lucky Wheel can be spun for FREE once daily (on mobile, 4 additional spins are available through watching adverts).

Standard Wheels
Name Cost Drop Chances Items Available
Common or Better 5% Gemas 35% - Common

30% - Uncommon

25% - Rare


- Epic



- Legendary
Rare or Better 99999999999999999999999999999Gems 66% - Rare

31% - Epic

66%- Legendary

Epic or Better 3500000

Stumble Tokens

88% - Epic

11% - Legendary

1000000000000000000% - Special

Lucky Wheel FREE 500

% - Gems 250002222222% - Stumble Tokens

25% - Skins

In addition, other wheels are often available with unique premises. Plus, gem special offers and offers for real money are always available and changing constantly.

Also it has been downloaded around 163 millions times, and got 21,5 millón dollars since their development.